Legal Services

Our law firm is ready to provide comprehensive legal services in the following areas

Commercial Contractual Relationships:

  • commercial-law contracts
  • representation in negotiations with the counterparty
  • enforcement of commercial law claims

Civil Law

  • civil-law contracts
  • representation in negotiations with the counterparty
  • representing clients before ordinary and arbitration courts and in the procedure of execution of decision
  • assignment of claim, assumption of debt, accession to the commitment, liability, acknowledgement of debt
  • compensatory damages
  • joint ownership
  • inheritance
  • protection of personal rights

Law of Commercial Companies and Cooperatives and other Legal Entities

  • assistance with the establishment of all forms of artificial persons and changes in it
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • representation before the authorities and registration court
  • winding up of commercial corporations
  • preparation and organization of general meetings or meetings of other bodies
  • actualization of incorporation documents due to impact of new Law No. 90/2012 Coll. on commercial companies and cooperatives (Law on commercial corporations)

Real Estate

  • advice on real property transactions
  • joint ownerships related to real estate and their settlement
  • legal services regarding easements, pledges and pre-emptive rights, including arranging registration and all other related steps
  • tenancy relations
  • articles of association
  • ensuring of expert opinion for value of real estate

Family Law

  • representing in the divorce proceedings
  • the settlement of property issues connected with the divorce
  • community property of spouses and registered partnership (drafting of prenuptial agreements, and changes to the scope of the community property of spouses throughout the duration of marriage)
  • representing in proceeding of custody and arrangement contact between children and their parents
  • modification of alimony payments
  • relations to minors
  • actions for denial of paternity

Labour Law

  • Employment contracts and agreements on work performed outside of employment (agreements to complete a job, agreements to perform work etc.)
  • representation of clients in labour disputes

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

  • copyright law - licensing agreements, the protection of copyright and performers' rights
  • industrial property rights - registration of trademarks, patents, etc.
  • representation in registrations at the Czech Intellectual Property Office

Insolvency Law

  • comprehensive legal services for creditors
  • providing advice to companies threatened by bankruptcy
  • representation of clients in disputes ensuing from incidental issues

Criminal Law

  • defending the accused in criminal proceedings in court at all levels
  • enforcing the claims of injured and participating persons
  • preparing written submissions and complaints
  • alternative ways of resolving disputes in criminal proceedings

Administrative law

  • zoning and construction proceedings
  • proceedings under Trade act
  • representation before the Land Registry
  • offence proceedings
  • representing in proceedings in administrative court at all levels
  • residence permits and work permits
  • representing in proceedings before administrative authorities

Court and other Proceedings

  • representing in civil and criminal proceedings in CR
  • representing in proceedings before the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights
  • representing in execution procedure.
  • representing in Arbitration

Authentication of Signatures

  • authentication of signatures on documents written or unwritten by the attorney.

Attorney’s Custody

  • safe deposit of money
  • safe deposit of documents and security

Legal Audits

  • comprehensive legal analysis
  • due diligence


  • seminars and consultations